How I Faced My Fear of Monster Rides and Survived!

How I Faced My Fear of Monster Rides and Survived!Small but LIFE CHANGING…

Last week I had the opportunity to go on a vacation to a “magical place”, Disneyland! I have not been to Disneyland since I was two maybe three years old which was twenty years ago. Since I do not remember a thing from my childhood trip, let’s call this my first official time going to Disneyland.

Needless to say, IT WAS AMAZING!

There were attractions, shows, food vendors, shops, Disney characters and rides… oh, the rides!

Here’s a little secret you didn’t know about me…

I am extremely scared of heights!! I even diagnosed myself with Acrophobia (fear of heights).

I have tried many times to get on the “big kid rides” and many times I have been so close to succeeding, but never made it. My previous experiences have been quite dramatic; at least that’s what people tell me. I have been brave enough to convince myself that I am getting on a ride, stand in line for an hour, only to freak out and leave the line when it’s my turn. Even some of the rides in “kiddy land” give me anxiety and possible heart failure.

This trip to Disneyland started off great.

I got on every smaller ride I possibly could; completely ignoring the bigger rides such as Splash Mountain and Space Mountain. We saw some parades, ate some food, and then the inevitable came… everyone wanted to get on Splash Mountain!

The moment of truth…

I was not going to get on this monstrous ride, but with some convincing and pulling I found myself in line and since it was in a cave-like place filled with people…there was no turning back. My heart was pounding almost out of my chest the closer we got to the ride. Finally, we were up next; I couldn’t believe it I was actually in the seat. I was still freaking out and holding on to the side bars for dear life, but I was on. When we came to the big drop, I thought for sure I was going to pass out (as you can see in the picture; I am in the second seat).

We went straight down and although I had tears building up in my eyes from fear; I couldn’t believe it. I DID IT! I got on a monster ride!! When it was over I realized I was okay, I was alive, and no hospital needed; I had a blast!

I felt so alive and full of adrenaline.

Wow… I have never been so brave in my life. I couldn’t believe how great I felt and what I was missing out on all these years. Don’t get me wrong, I still have my limits to the big rides and will still be riding the kiddy land rides, but I opened a new door of adventure and added more r
ides to the list.

There’s so much more to come!

I know this seems like a trivial milestone, but it is a milestone nonetheless. I did something I never thought I would do and it felt amazing!

This is what my blog is all about; this is a journey not to show what I have done in the past, this is a journal to figure out the AMAZING adventures and purpose for my future.

This is only the beginning.

Not only will I share my personal journal with you, but I will also be sharing Bible Devotions, Awesome things that Inspire me, and opportunities that push me to grow (and sometimes fail)!

I want to invite you to come along with me on this AMAZING journey!

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