Book Review: Live Your Dash by Linda Ellis

I just finished reading the most amazing, thought provoking, life changing book! No, it is not the Bible even though the Bible is TRULY a life changer.

Live Your Dash by Linda Ellis

The book is called, “Live Your Dash” by Linda Ellis. This is not another self-help book. It’s a powerful eye-opener!

Linda discusses the true importance of life.  When we see a tombstone we think that the most important information on it are the dates such as 0/01/xx – 06/05/xx.  Although these dates are very important; what is REALLY important is the dash in the middle.

We All Will Have a Dash

The dash represents the person’s life.  What are you doing with your dash?  Everyone will have one someday.

The book is full of stories and illustrations that remind us to remember we only have one life to live AND NOW IS THE TIME TO LIVE IT.

No Do-Overs!

There are no re-dos, or do-overs. One shot, One time!

I highly recommend this book to people of all ages.  It is very well written and an easy read.

I bought “[easyazon-link asin=”1402787294″ locale=”us”]Live Your Dash[/easyazon-link]” on Amazon for less than $10. Let me what you think?

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